Best Projector Mount

best projector mount

The best projector mounts can enhance your home theater experience dramatically, letting you position your project precisely where you want it, out of the way and unobtrusive so you can get lost in your favorite movies. Top models allow you to pivot and adjust the angle of projector for perfect image quality and minute adjustments, and support multiple use cases, whether you have arching cathedral ceilings or a tiny den.

For a great projector to attach to one of these mounts, our roundup of the best projectors is a great resource; otherwise, read on for our picks for the best projector mounts money can buy.

Types of Projector Mounts

There are different models of projector mounts or brackets available. They can be broadly classified into the following types.

  • Ceiling Mounts – Projector ceiling mounts are one of the popular types of mounts used for projectors. They are installed on the ceiling and allow users to suspend their projectors from the ceiling, similar to chandeliers. Most projector models are compatible with ceiling mounts. They make it easy to align the projector according to the screen. Projector ceiling mounts can be an issue in rooms with low ceilings. It may also not be possible to hang them from false ceilings due to the weight of the projector.
  • Wall Mounts – Projector wall mounts are the second type of mounts for installing projectors. In some cases, it may be infeasible to use a projector ceiling mount. It could be due to obstruction caused by electronics fixtures like fans/lights, delicate false ceilings, or due to smaller dimensions of the room. A projector wall mount may be ideal for these scenarios. For projectors with an ultra-short throw ratio, a wall mount can be installed directly above the screen. Users don’t have to keep the projector on a shelf in front of the screen.
  • Projector Brackets – Projector brackets are similar to mounts, but they are smaller in shape. Most of them have an L-shaped design and are meant to be installed on walls. They do not provide any adjustability and hold the projector firmly in place. Projector brackets may be cheaper than mounts, but their build-quality might be inferior as well. Projector brackets with hooks are used to hang projection screens.
  • Projector Stands – Projector stands are not mounts but provide a surface for placing the projector. Most of them are in the shape of tripods, although some may have more or fewer legs depending on the design. There is a flat, shelf-like surface on the projector stand. The projector can be placed there like it would have been on a table.

What Are the Best Projector Mounts?

No matter the size or style of your projector, your mount should be easy to install, adjustable, attractive, strong enough to hold your equipment, and compatible with your ceiling materials. Here is what to look for.

  • Installation: Mounts that are more or less universal have drill holes and other attachment mechanisms in a variety of placements to suit a variety of projectors. They also come with all the hardware necessary for whatever attachment style you need. One installation and design feature we really love are those with easy attach and detach mechanisms so you can remove and reinstall your projector easily as needed. But before you do anything, make sure the mount you want is physically capable of attaching to your ceiling. In many cases, normal drywall is not strong enough to secure the mount.
  • Weight: Most mounts can hold up to around 30 pounds, but be sure to double check the weight of the projector.
  • Adjustable: We look for mounts that can be widely adjusted for angle and distance from the ceiling. Some include additional arms or mounts for a wider range of placement options.
  • Appearance: Assuming this is going inside your home, you don’t want a big clunky piece of machinery that distracts from your otherwise primo home theater. We like clean white or black colors, mounts that lie flush to the ceiling, and minimalist design elements.

5 Best projector mounts for 2022:

1. Great for Heavy Projectors: Peerless-AV PRG-UNV Mount

Peerless-AV PRG-UNV Mount

The Peerless Precision Gear Universal Projection Mount is your best bet for extra-large or heavy projectors. The heavy-duty universal spider adapter is able to hold projectors up to a whopping 50 pounds in weight. Customers like the pre-assembled design and horizontal wrench access slots that make flush mounting quick and easy.

Even better, the patent-pending design features two adjustment knobs to help you get the perfect projector image alignment by simply turning the knobs. An integrated cable management system helps wrangle projector cords, and the mount comes with all the hardware you need for installation.

  • Universal compatibility with high weight capacity
  • Gear design for tool-free alignment
  • Quick release mechanism so you can easily remove the projector
  • Built-in cable management system
  • Pre-assembled for faster installation
  • Not suitable for low ceilings (under 8 feet)
  • Too little space between mount and projector for some models

2. Best Extendable Mount: VIVO VP02W Projector Mount

VIVO VP02W Projector Mount

If you need an extendable projector mount for your home or office, check out the VIVO Universal Extendable Projection Mount. The adjustable arms fit most projectors on the market, and thanks to the sturdy steel materials, the mount can hold up to 30 pounds in weight.

The easy-to-assemble mount is fully adjustable with a 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel and 360-degree rotation, but the real selling point for this mount is the telescoping height adjustment system that extends your projector from 15 inches to 23 inches from a flat ceiling surface. This mount comes in white or black, so you can choose the one that works best with your space’s aesthetic, and mounting hardware is included with purchase.

  • Replaces any 2’X2’ drop ceiling tile
  • Durable steel construction
  • 15° tilt and swivel with full 360° rotation
  • Adjustable mounting points for broader compatibility
  • 3-year warranty protection
  • Lower weight capacity than other options
  • Included screws are too short for some projectors

3. Dynavista Full Motion Universal Projector Mount

Dynavista Full Motion Universal Projector Mount

The Dynavista Full Motion Universal Projector Mount is the ideal choice if you want a full range of motion for your projector. It has full 360° rotation, along with wide swivel and tilt options and a collapsible extension arm, so you can install the projector anywhere from 8.9 inches to 43.6 inches from the ceiling.

This is an easy mount to install, too. It comes fully assembled with all the needed hardware included. Just mount the plate, attach the projector, and screw everything together. The high-quality materials and construction ensure a stable and secure mount, with quick release hooks so you can remove the projector easily when you need to.

The Dynavista Universal mount works with most home theater projectors from brands like BenQ, Optoma, Epson, and Sony that weigh 30 pounds or less. It does need a flat surface to mount to, however, so it’s not the best option for those with textured or sloped ceilings.

  • Full rotation with 25° tilt and 90° swivel
  • Extension arm gives a range of projector heights
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Pre-assembled and easy to install
  • Compatible with most popular projector brands
  • Not suitable for large and heavy projectors
  • Doesn’t work with sloped ceilings

4. Gibbon Mounts Universal Wall Projector Mount

Gibbon Mounts Universal Wall Projector Mount

Gibbon Mounts Universal Wall Projector Mount should last. It is made of high-grade steel with rust prevention that will keep the mount secure and sturdy for years. The mount can hold projectors weighing up to 33lbs completely safely and is compatible with the majority of models on the market with a mounting range up to 12.5”. The dependable mount has been designed to be as low-profile as possible, holding your projector just 5.5” from the ceiling surface.

It features full angle adjustment capabilities to help you find the perfect viewing angle in any room. Featuring a 30° tilt, 30° swivel, and 360° rotation, this mount hits all the right angles. If that’s not enough, the mounting hardware kit comes fully equipped to make mounting as easy as possible. It includes all the attachments you might need to secure the mount to anything from wooden studs to concrete, walls to flat or dropped ceilings, and almost any other surface you might want to use. The user-friendly design, convenient quick-connect hooks, and pre-assembled main body are all designed to make your life as easy as possible.

  • Made of high-grade steel with a rust prevention coating
  • Able to hold the majority of projectors securely with a maximum weight capacity of 33lbs
  • Features a low-profile design with the projector maintained just 5.5” away from the ceiling
  • Comes with fully adjustable capabilities including 30° tilt, 30° swivel, and 360° rotation
  • It is quite expensive
  • Lacks height adjustment

5. QualGear PRB Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

QualGear PRB Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

QualGear comes in with an equally sturdy solution. Made of cold-rolled steel, their PRB mounting kit is extremely adjustable and can hold up to thirty pounds with ease. Mounting is simple, and so is dismounting; pop it off in one easy motion to move to other bracket systems if you need a better or different angle for presentations.

The adjustment range allows you to shift 20 degrees for roll, and 30 for pitch. QualGear PRB Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory is simply better for close quarters where the projector isn’t traveling far to meet the wall. Rotate the entire thing 360 degrees, and tilt it up and down by a total of 60 degrees. This is the most technical, yet simple to operate projector mount you can buy. While it holds the projector in place properly, it doesn’t take much pressure to adjust it to your liking. With a two-minute setup, it’s the quickest out-of-the-box solution for your projector.

  • Made of heavy gauge cold-rolled steel material
  • Able to hold most projectors with a mounting range of 6.6” up to 16” weighing up to 30lbs
  • Designed to be low-profile, holding projectors just 6” from the ceiling
  • Offers multiple adjustments to help you find the perfect viewing angle: 0-60° tilt; 360° swivel; +/-20° roll; +/-30° pitch
  • Features a simple snap on / snap off design for easy installation/removal
  • It only offers height adjustment

How to mount a projector?

  • Ask facilities management to install the mount. If your office or classroom is being outfitted with a new projector, including a mount, contact facilities management or the building supervisor to assist with installation.
  • Check the hardware prior to installation. Make sure you have all the pieces you need before you climb up the ladder.
  • Don’t forget to dust the mount. Keep dust at bay on your projector mount by regularly dusting it with a telescopic cleaning wand.
  • Add a projector mount to your home theater setup. Instead of propping up your mini projector on a table (where it can be knocked over by kids or pets), invest in a projector mount.
  • Find a helper for installation. Whenever you’re working from a ladder, it’s a good idea to have a helper or spotter. They can safely pass hardware and tools to you, plus they’ll be able to see if the mount is level or off-center.


Are projector ceiling mounts universal?

Yup. You can find a ceiling mount for virtually every projector on the market today, and they’re designed to accommodate any installation situation. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you need a projector ceiling mount for your home or office – these features aren’t limited to one location.

Do you need a projector ceiling mount for your office?

Yes, especially if you plan to use it regularly or have a way of securing it in a fixed position. Maintenance and convenience are both key factors to keep in mind – nobody wants to spend hours getting their projector set up because they’re wrestling with cables.

Can you mount a projector on the wall?

Yes, but it depends on the projector. It should specify that it’s wall mountable. Even then, check your room if it has the right shape for wall mounting. If the room is too long for your screen size, you can’t mount the projector at a far-off wall like you would in a commercial cinema.

Many LCoS and 3LCD projectors have zoom ranges of up to 2:1 to allow wall mounting adjustments, but sometimes it’s instead best to go for a mounting solution that offers you the path of least resistance.

Can all projectors be mounted?

Projectors that can be mounted will specifically specify what kind of mount they work with. Projectors that can only be placed on tables will be labeled as table mountable.

Mounting plates are typically made to fit certain models of projector mounting holes in a precise fashion. However, some plates are more universal and have mounting hole options, whether they’re three or four holes.

Most projectors are mounted upside down on the ceiling and have a menu selection to allow you to invert the image to make the setup work. Wall-mounting allows you to mount the projector right-side up.

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